About Us

Mention bikers and one gets the mental image of a big, burly, tattooed, beer-guzzling rough-neck. In reality, underneath their protective leather clothing, most bikers are ordinary folks - doctors, lawyers, retired people and others who just enjoy the thrill of riding the open roads on a motorcycle.

Cal and Cindy Wolf, from rural Eagle Bend, were the coordinators of Bikers with Big Hearts from 2002 through 2012 at which point Jodi and Monte Ohlrogge took over.  Cal got the idea to sponsor a charity motorcycle ride for Camp Hearland while watching the Oprah Show. Oprah had Neil Willenson, founder and CEO of Camp Heartland, on her show.

On the fourth Saturday in July each year Bikers with Big Hearts, hosts a charity ride to raise money for Camp Heartland near Willow River, MN.

The camp has up to 150 kids per week that are all living with special needs.  Children from all over the United States enjoy the camp, including children who were born with HIV/AIDS, have diabetes, or are in tranistional housing as well as other special needs.

In the past years, Bikers with Big Hearts has donated bedding, a lawn mower, a van and trailer along with many other items from the camp wish list.  In 2012 all of the money raised at the charity ride was donated to the camp to get a dock for the children to enjoy. 

To find out more information about Camp Heartland and how you can help, please go to www.oneheartland.org

Here’s another shorter video if you’d like to check it out—it’s a little more up to date: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KM5FdxWmUrY

Here are a couple of videos about our Camp Heartland Ride